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Authentic Empowering Design of Sustainable Infrastructure (AEDoSI)

AEDoSI comprises bio-engineering design principles whose purpose is to meet authentic human needs. Authenticity means living in ways that reflect each individual's moral and material responsibility for their own actions and collective responsibility for all the consequences of those actions, for ourselves, for the ecosystems on which we depend, and for our heirs on this planet.

The AEDoSI principles form the basis of an integrated approach to designing multifunction eco-dwellings:

Localisation will stimulate participation in decisionmaking at neighbourhood, community and wider levels as people better understand how those decisions relate to their personal circumstances, over which they will wish to retain control.

The AEDoSI design principles allow the reconceptualization of homes as socially owned, inexpensive, easily moveable chattels:

Sustainability- Reducing the carbon footprint/greenhouse gas signature

  1. Reducing demand - electrical load reduction
    • Solar hot water
    • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation with a roof-mounted wind cowl.
    • Horizontal fridge
    • Induction cooking
  2. Thermal load reduction
    • Super insulation- double sided12mm plywood panels enclosing 90mm of closed cell, fireproof, phenolic foam
    • Hermetical sealing dramatically reduces heat loss through infiltration
  3. Waste disposal
    • Through the localisation of much of the food chain, acting individually or co-operatively, integrating the production, consumption and recycling of food
    • Rain water collection
    • Composting toilet
    • Grey water recycling and disposal system
  4. Electricity generation
    • Affordable solar panels are reaching 16% efficiency
    • Roofing materials and roof paint that generate solar electricity are being developed
    • Wind turbines

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