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Every Child A Winner

The fate of every society is ultimately determined by the provision it makes for future generations to prosper. Providing for only a privileged minority is analogous to a farmer planting only a small percentage of his seed. The following harvest will be greatly diminished.

Childhood should be a celebration of life, not an apprenticeship for a life of drudgery and debt, so it should be society's duty to 'level the playing field'.

A Children's Charter of Developmental Rights can specify those basic conditions which permit the attainment of each human's potential and maximise each person's eventual social and economic contribution:

Affordable eco-housing will help to achieve a 'minimum disposable household income' as a stable foundation for fulfilling the developmental goals of the Children's Charter and provide a base for social, economic and environmental policies more closely aligned with the values and priorities that most of us would wish to live by.

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